At Industrial Molds, “quality” is more than a descriptive word—it drives our systems and our culture.

We take our role as your automated manufacturing partner seriously, and that’s why we use Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) to ensure our customers’ needs are fulfilled to the highest possible standards. AQP drives our continuous improvement efforts, guiding us as we identify the risks and opportunities unique to each project.

At each of the three key phases of our process—from RFQ, to engineering, to manufacturing—we take measures to ensure that both customer and internal requirements are being met. Checklist and inspection reports are essential to the AQP process throughout the build, and are controlled through our ISO 9001:2015 certification standards.
Quality Department
Each mold component starts and ends its journey in our quality department. All critical path components are mounted to an Erowa pallet and picked up on the CMM. From there, the job management software (JMS) records the pertinent information in a RFID chip within the pallet. This reduces mistakes and increases accuracy. All components are measured once each machining process is complete to ensure accuracy and results are stored in case dimensions need to be later checked. Lastly, a full visual inspection is done before being dismounted. This process ensures accurate machining, finishes and quicker delivery.
Certifications: ISO 9001:2015
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