Pyramid Molding Group Takes Center Stage on MMT News Spotlight!

Pyramid Molding Group is gearing up for accelerated growth with the addition of 21 new team members since May of 2023. This expansion includes 8 Assembly Specialists, 7 Machine Operators, and 3 Supervisory roles at Pyramid Plastics, along with 3 new members for Industrial Molds. This strategic move aligns with the company’s vision to enhance capabilities while working to put an even greater emphasis on customer service.

The decision to broaden the workforce underscores Pyramid Molding Group’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. The new hires not only boost production capacity but also enable the group to tackle more intricate projects. By strengthening assembly capacities, the company aims to streamline operations and ensure timely, top-quality deliveries.

This expansion exemplifies Pyramid Molding Group’s unwavering dedication to excellence and progress. It signals a bold stride towards innovation and progress in the industry.


About Pyramid Molding Group

Pyramid Molding Group is a leading name in the manufacturing and plastics sector, based in Rockford, IL, known for its forward-looking solutions and client-focused approach.

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